The Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole is a Cooperative Company and a full-service Regional Bank.

It covers the departments of the Lower-Rhine, the Upper-Rhine and the Vosges.
It markets a whole range of financial products and services.
The Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole is one of the 39 Regional Banks of Crédit Agricole.

Its President is Henri Buecher. Its Managing Director is Pierre Fort.

H. Buecher_President et P. Fort_Managing director_Crédit Agricole Alsace Vosges ©Styl List Images

The Board of Directors has the following major objectives:

  • decide upon the general policies for the Regional Bank proposed by the Managing Director and also the projected budget,
  • monitor efficiency of internal control means,
  • approve the fiscal year financial statements.

Guided by the Managing Director, the Executive Committee implements the Company’s general policies and states the sectoral policies (sales, financial, human resources…).

Presentation of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of our Regional Bank.

Its organisation

Our Regional Bank organises its support services and sales network as follows:

    • 1 head office in Strasbourg and 1 administration site in Epinal
    • 180 retail outlets
      • 63 local consultancy agencies
      • 1 customer-relations multimedia center
      • 19 expertise Professionals, farmers, wine-makers, wealth-management customers
      • 1 agency for professionals
      • 3 agencies for businesses
      • 1 merchant bank for businesses

Map of our locations in Alsace and in the Vosges

The Regional Banks

Crédit Agricole is based on a platform of 2,468 Local Banks which possess most of the Regional Banks’ capital through its 9 million members who appoint their 30,890 managers.

Banks for private individuals, farmers, professionals, businesses and local authorities who are all strongly rooted in the region, the 39 Regional Banks of the Crédit Agricole is the leader in France for day-to-day banking

The Regional Banks propose perfectly tailored offers for savings, investments and life insurance, loans, payment instruments and property insurance products. These Regional Banks are ranked as the best on nearly all the retail markets in France with 27 millions customers.

The Regional Banks of Crédit Agricole have a majority stake in the Crédit Agricole Private Limited Company capital (which possesses about 25% of the capital of each Regional Bank, except in Corsica). The FNCA (The National Federation of the Crédit Agricole) represents the body which discusses policies, encourages dialogue and free expression.

The FNCA – the National Federation of the Crédit Agricole

The National Federation of the Crédit Agricole serves as a body for reflection, expression and represents the Regional Banks. The FNCA is a professional body and thus ensures genuine debates based on grass-root issues, making it proactive and attributing it a guiding role.

It represents the Regional Banks of the Crédit Agricole and the Group with respect to public powers, professional organisations and authorities for cooperative and mutual banking.

The Federation provides services functions for the Regional Banks, notably in the field of vocational training and human resource management.

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