Activity and Results

For the year 2016

Satisfactory-level 2016 financial results

Financial soundness yet again reinforced: the net result of 70.1M€, slightly down to 0.6%, comforts the shareholder funds which have risen to over 1.4B€.

Confirmed business growth for the regional economy

Over 1.5 B€ in new funding, of which 1 B€ for Housing, were undertaken to meet the needs of economic players within a still rather uncertain economic context.

An offer and resources in all the banking and insurance professions

Regarding services, the performances have been particularly satisfactory in the banking field but also for insurance.

Numerous worksites have been undertaken to move towards a 100% human and 100% digital bank.

Recruitment for suitable human resources for implementing the strategy: 147 employees recruited in 2016.

Assisting young businesses to benefit innovation and local development

The Regional Bank is focused on this need and is steadfastly committed. First off, its first business incubator was inaugurated in May 2016 within its Espace Affaires Poincaré in Colmar where it’s certain to remain active thanks to the student-entrepreneur competition Semia, the regional incubator of innovative companies.

The Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole is associated with the KM0 project launched in Mulhouse, alongside public and private players. This project will allow the Mulhouse urban area to boast an ambitious ecosystem in the digital field.

Activity and financial results

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