We establish our mutual and regional identity by asserting our values, committing us on a daily basis in our relationships with our members, our customers, our partners and our associates.

Commitment, being involved on a daily basis for a collective well-being.

Being attentive to the specifics of our regions and their inhabitants, respecting our partners and monitoring the development of our associates.

Trust, being trustworthy and knowing how to trust.

The financial and economic crises caused customers from all banking establishments to ask many question. It’s up to us to show these customers that trust is a daily part of our fundamental values.

Goodwill, understanding situations.

In a world full of change, we can all one day find ourselves in uncomfortable situations and faced with temporary setbacks. Goodwill means the ability to have compassion and help find the suitable solutions for the specific issues of each person.

Usefulness, serving our regions, our customers and our associates.

Being useful by backing our regional talents, by serving our customers in a suitable and efficient manner and our employees for their personal desire to enhance their skills and be promoted.

Ethics, being honest and respectful

Carry out our activities whilst respecting our customer interests and using professional ethics.

Accessibility, being available and ready to listen.

Propose all contact means to our customers (agencies, Internet services), but also always be warm and friendly to maintain good customer relations.

Progress, promoting innovation.

Being innovative to contribute to regional development, being innovative to accompany our customers and associates within this ever-changing world.