Human Resource Policy

Within the Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole, we’re surrounded by committed men and women.

The company promises career prospects to its employees, relying on the amplitude and diversity of its jobs and therefore its expertise. This approach contributes to the human dynamics of the Regional Bank.

Our Recruitment Policy

The recruitment policy at the Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole resembles it development policy.

The main jobs targeted are sales jobs but there are some others for which people are recruited such as:accountants, organisers, marketing analysts, etc …

80% of recruitments involve our agencies for a wide range of jobs within various markets: private individuals, professionals, agriculture, businesses and estate management.

Our Support

To assist these market and organisational evolutions, we’ve implemented provisional job management and a skills-development program. The Human Resource Management Team of the Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole uses several means:

  • The Training: you are escorted in your career changes through suited programs which help people acquire new skills, on both the job level (finance, regulations, …) and behavioural level (management, negotiations, …)
  • Personalised monitoring of your career by a Human Resource representative
  • Annual assessment with your manager allowing to discuss your activity, your achievements, and to define new objectives to envisage potential progressions.

Our Commitments

Individual respect is one of the major priorities of our human resource policy within our Regional Bank. With the aim to incite associate enthusiasm and professionalism, we are committed to:

  • Professional parity: equal treatment of men/women applicants throughout the whole recruitment process
  • Profile diversity: varied and mixed social backgrounds
  • Training students: partnerships, internships, apprenticeship training, in agencies or administrative offices, depending on applicants’ objectives and interests (sales training, work-experience year, professional graduate diploma…)
  • Protecting employees: highly attentive to discrimination or harassment
  • Free expression: the right for free expression regarding actions to implement to work-condition improvements, activity organisation and production quality within their specific work unit
  • Mentoring: guiding of a beginner-employee by an experienced employee to boost the skills they need
  • In-house promotion: in-house based professional promotion favoured within the company
  • Preserving jobs of employees who are 55 years and over.


The Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole is one of the 39 Regional Banks of Crédit Agricole. – the largest banking and insurance employer in France.