Mutual Banking

The Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole has implemented a reciprocally-oriented synergy placing people at the core of its regional economic and social life.

A Rich Past

Crédit Agricole was created more than a century ago by farmers who weren’t helped by the traditional banking systems. The cooperative status adopted by the Local and Regional Banks completely corresponds to the traditional idea of mutual assistance and solidarity in rural life.

Crédit Agricole is based on bankers understanding of the French farming world but has become over the years the bank for all sorts of customers from all sorts of fields.

Understanding Mutual Help

Mutual help is a principle of social life founded on people and solidarity. This is an ancient concept which still holds true today and augurs well for the future.
Allowing each person to be both a partner and responsible, it created the successful conditions for Crédit Agricole and continues to inspire its development.

In an ever-changing world, mutual help is a source of meaning and direction.

Our Mutual Values

Mutual help is a state-of-mind which projects all company players within shared values, values which place everyone in the heart of a given action:

  • PROXIMITY: being anchored in our region and always ready to listen to our members and their environment.
  • SOLIDARITY: accompanying the women and men of our regions to fulfil their projects.
  • RESPONSABILITE: reinforce our economic efficiency, being useful for our regions and their inhabitants, projecting our desire for a responsible and sustainable development.

Une banque mutualiste au service des actions locales

Our Organisation

At each organisational level, the mutual and banking structures work alongside.
The Board of Directors of the Regional Bank appoints the General Manager who is the Executive Manager of the bank.
The Board of Directors and the President of the Local Bank work closely alongside with the Secretary of the Local Bank who is also the Agency Manager or the Head of a skill centre.

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