Being a member

Choosing to be a member means wanting to be more than just a customer. Becoming a member is a step forward to belonging to mutual-minded values which are proximity, responsibility and solidarity.

Whether you are young or not so young, city or country-person, student, employee or business director, you can join us. Together we push the ideas of local development for the women and men of our regions.

Being a member

Is sharing strong values
Becoming involved and believing in mutual-minded values such as: proximity, solidarity, responsibility.

Giving yourself the possibility of contributing to regional development by participating in local projects for the women and men living there.

Is being a bank player

Members plays a role in banking operations by participating in the annual General Meetings of Local Banks, taking part in the resolution votes: accounts approval, payment of company shares, and appointing the administrators who represent them during strategic decisions.

Co-owner of the bank, a member has a democratic power as they have a voice within the General Meeting regardless the number of company shares owned. It’s the cooperative principle of “one person, one voice”.

How do you become a Member?

Any physical person who has an account with the Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole can become a member by purchasing company shares from the Local Bank.
Company shares are managed by securities accounts which are very easy to understand.

A company share is reimbursable at its nominal value (1.50 €) and each year benefits from an interest payment whose rate is set every year during the General Meeting of the Local Bank.

Over 137,000 members have joined the Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole.

Livret Soli’vert

After having created the ‘Livret Utile’ savings account to finance projects from small businesses and associations, the Alsace Vosges Crédit Agricole proposes the ‘Livret Soli’Vert’ savings account. Reserved for members, the ‘Livret Soli’Vert’ allows you to have a well-remunerated and collective cash savings.

The money gathered on this savings account goes to finance work to improve housing energy performance or adapt it to individual homes for people with reduced mobility (due to a handicap or age).

affiche solivert